Hyundai Premier Horse Derby

A derby is a show jumping course with a cross country twist. Set over a longer course with natural obstacles and varying terrain, it is a test of skill and endurance that is rarely seen at this level in New Zealand. The prestigious title, big jumps and even bigger prize money draws in many of the country’s show jumping and eventing superstars.


The Hyundai Premier Derby will take place on Saturday out on the Derby Course.



Reyna Equestrian Horse Derby

A smaller version of the Hyundai Premier Derby, this derby is perfect for introducing younger or less experienced combinations to a derby format. Held over a similar course, the jumps are lowered to allow for a slightly less daunting task.


The Reyna Equestrian Horse Derby will take place on Sunday out on the Derby Course.


Honda Pony Derby

Held over a similar course as the other Horse Derby classes, the Honda Pony Derby is restricted to riders under 17 years of age and their ponies. The ponies can be very fast across the course so it is a very exciting event to both watch and take part in.


The Honda Pony Derby will take place on Friday out on the Derby Course.