Ambury Park Centre



Riding therapy with a difference, where horses help improve the lives of children, adolescents and adults with physical, emotional, psychological and intellectual disabilities.


Established in 1985 as a riding centre for people with disabilities, the Centre has developed a range of services including a school for students aged 13 upwards and a full-time vocational training programme for adults 18 and over.


The Centre is a registered charity and is managed by a board. There are about 20 staff employed, assisted by a team of volunteers. 


We are very grateful for the opportunity to be at Equidays so that we can promote our specialised services - using the magical powers of the horse - to a wider audience. We shall be showing a couple of promotional films at our stand. Staff members and volunteers will be happy to answer any questions.                                         


Our independent registered private school offers subjects in the NZ curriculum, riding and equine qualifications. There are 25 to 30 students in the school. These are children aged 13 to 18 who, for a variety of reasons, are not coping in, or are not attending mainstream education. Some students are funded to attend by government agencies.

Hamilton Group Riding for the Disabled



Hamilton Riding for the Disabled is a registered charitable organisation operating from the Waikato Combined Equestrian Group facility at 1340 Pukete Rd. We are one of 56 NZRDA affiliated groups throughout the country and operate under the guidance and principles of New Zealand Riding for the Disabled.


Our core purpose is to provide interaction with horses to develop increased ability, independence and self-worth for children and adults with physical, intellectual, emotional and social challenges. Our overarching goal is to teach our riders transferable skills which they can use to enhance their daily lives and participate fully within their communities.


By attending Equidays 2017 we hope to raise more awareness for our RDA programme. One of the key ingredients for the success of RDA is our volunteers, gaining such great exposure both within the equestrian community and also within the wider region would raise people’s awareness around our ongoing need for volunteers and the difference volunteering for RDA can make in so many lives.