As one of New Zealand’s leading saddle fitters Chris has over 15 years’ experience. Chris’s approach is that riding is a partnership between horse & rider with the saddle the connection between the two and it is critical that both are totally comfortable to allow them to perform to their best. Chris is recognised as being able to achieve excellent results for horse and rider through his attention to detail working with the balance of the rider and the wellbeing of the horse.


A horseman since he was 7 and qualified in Advanced Equine Studies, he has been involved in the equine industry all his working life. Chris competed in ESNZ Showjumping and enjoyed his time as a registered show jump course builder.  Now only riding youngsters or helping his wife exercise their dressage horses his main focus & passion is saddle fitting.


Chris travels regularly to Europe to stay on top of evolving saddle technology and saddle fitting research and just last month was in Italy at the Erreplus saddle factory working directly with the manufacturer.


Chris and his wife Miriam own Horsesports in Auckland and live on the Manuaku Harbour with their seven horses.  Horsesports Saddlery stock some of the world’s leading saddle brands and whilst Chris consults on saddle buying as well as fitting, he understands every horse and rider combination is unique and always works with an open mind with his recommendations.