These demonstrations will take place over the three days of Equidays and aim to inspire and educate visitors on different types of horsemanship. These may be lesser known equestrian disciplines but nonetheless, they are exciting and fun to watch!

Equidays Polocrosse



Polocrosse is an equestrian sport that the entire family can enjoy with players from 6 years to 76 years of age playing. It’s not uncommon to see three generations playing in the same team together!


Polocrosse is known as the “King of the one horse sports” as a player only requires one horse to play this exciting sport that combines horsemanship, team tactics and racket & ball skills. Originating in Australia, polocrosse is now played throughout, Africa, United Kingdom, Europe, America, Canada and New Zealand.


A polocrosse team consists of 6 players, with three players on the field at a time playing either the Number 1 (Attack), Number 2 (Centre) or Number 3 (Defence) position which all have specific roles and areas on the large field that they are permitted to play. The aim of the game is to gain possession of the ball that is caught, picked up off the ground, thrown and bounced using a racket and to get the ball to be thrown through a set of goals at the end of the field.


Polocrosse is played competitively across the North Island with tournaments commencing in December and concluding in April with the New Zealand Association Championships. Clubs host tournaments throughout the season that provide competitions that are graded depending on ability. There are 3 Championship tournaments held during the season that see the Juniors, Intermediates and top club teams and top association teams contest for memorial trophies.


New Zealand Polocrosse is the governing body with clubs currently located in Kaikohe, Pouto, Whangarei, Aranga, Counties, Te Mata, Putaruru-Tirau, Otorohanga, Kaitieke, Kakatahi, Ashurst.



Friesian Quadrille


A dressage display involving more than four horses, the Friesian Quadrille is a beautiful show of power and grace. Horses and riders work together to execute movements and patterns in tandem and provide a skilled performance to spectators. Hours and hours of practice go into training for this kind of dressage quadrille.


The Crystal Mt Friesian and Sporthorse Stud showcases their stunning horses in this display. Their stallion Crystal Mt Xodó stamps his progeny with his fabulous conformation, smooth paces, and trainable temperament.