Who do you turn to when your horse is trapped and unable to free itself?


MaryAnne Leighton is a horsewoman, educator, author, feature writer and passionate advocate of Large Animal Rescue.


With emergency responders from Fire and Emergency New Zealand and volunteers from Massey University's Veterinary Emergency Response Team, MaryAnne will demonstrate what to do, what not to do and who to contact when your trapped horse is unable to self-rescue. Using MR ED, Massey's colourful rescue training mannequin, they will demonstrate the basic Large Animal Rescue techniques, and how to rescue a horse safely from common and not-so-common entrapments.


MaryAnne’s home has always been a sanctuary for aged, infirm, injured and abandoned animals and her passion for the plight of horses that are injured or killed during rescue from entrapment lead her to publish the first edition of Equine Emergency Rescue - a guide to Large Animal Rescue in November 2010. This book sold out in 12 months. She published the second edition in 2011 and the third edition in 2015 and it is now being translated into German.


In only five years, MaryAnne has conducted more than 50 Large Animal Rescue information workshops throughout Australia and New Zealand through Queensland Horse Council. Participants, who include emergency responders, veterinarians, horse owners, SPCA Inspectors, animal control officers and others, declare, "This is the best workshop of any description I have ever attended."  


Audiences describe her Large Animal Rescue presentations and demonstrations to AGMs, seminars, clubs and groups - and now to Equidays visitors - as “powerful”, “compelling” and “not to be missed”.


MaryAnne has had careers in public relations, marketing and horse stud management. She bred horses for twenty years, both her own national New Zealand and Australian champions and for studs that ranged in size from two stallions and twenty mares to seven stallions and four hundred mares.


She writes biography and non-fiction and her extensive experience in the horse world allows her to write with authority for equine publications worldwide. In 2006 MaryAnne was commissioned to write Living the Legend: the Ian Francis Story, the biography of one of the world’s most accomplished horsemen.