Linda Brown heard about Mary Wanless from Manuela McLean and spent some time in Perth with one of her trainers Ann Montgomery before deciding that Biomechanics was the missing piece of the puzzle.


Under Mary’s guidance, she spent several weeks in the UK completing instructor and ridden courses. Linda then spent two years doing case studies and having her own coaching videoed and sent to Mary for appraisal, after which she went back to the UK to Mary and gained accreditation as a RWYM (Ride with your Mind) coach.


Linda finds that 90% of horse issues are usually to do with the rider, while the other 10% are training issues, health issues, or incorrectly fitting equipment or shoes. Riders block their horses in many ways – sitting in a balanced way helps to make sure that they are not the ones blocking the horse. Linda believes in correcting the rider biomechanically so that the horse does not have to adjust its balance under an uneven load. There are lots of subtle ways that riders can help the horse to unlock their frame.


"Lift the horse in the canter. By emphasizing the uphill beat of the canter, by using your thighs to pull your pelvis backward like a sling shot. This creates a lifting sensation that helps the horse sit more on his haunches, making the canter rounder, uphill and expressive.


Dressage is like drawing with the horse.  It should flow."